The Greenland Wolf Research Program is a long-term study of the ecology of arctic wolves in Greenland started in 1991. Publications resulting from this research have appeared in the following peer-reviewed journals or proceedings: Arctic, Canadian Field-Naturalist, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Ecology and Conservation of Wolves in a Changing World, Polar Biology, Polar Record, Journal of Mammalogy, and Wildlife Biology. We gratefully acknowledge logistical support by the Royal Danish Air Force, the Royal Danish Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and others.



February 2017

Expedition volunteers and/or collaborators wanted for our 14th field season: A wolf reconnaissance expedition deep into the High Arctic in July-August 2017. You must have significant wilderness experience and funds to pay for expenses associated with your participation (US$8,000-10,000 from Iceland). A "collaborator" can be someone with their own project/activities not related to wolves. Please email us at the address below for details on the work, the study area, and how to apply for participation in the expedition.

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